ISD-DE 2020 Congress – February Newsletter

ISD-DE 2020 Congress – February Newsletter

International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye

XIIIth Congress 17th to 19th June 2020, London, UK

Registration Open

To Interested Lacrimal and Dry Eye Colleagues:

The plans for the summer ISD-DE 2020 XIIIth Congress at RIBA in London are forging ahead. We already have many Sponsors such as Thea, Santen, FCI, Altomed, Surgitrac, Machida, Daybreak Medical, and Altacor committed. We are looking forward to a warm relaxing summer in London after this chilly winter.

Here is the list of speakers to look forward to. There will be a course on the 17th June and Scientific Meeting with Keynote Lectures, Symposia and free papers on 18th and 19th June.

Schirmer Lecture: Harminder Singh Dua, UK
Juan Murabe Lecture: Geoffrey Rose, UK

International Invited speakers

Christophe Baudouin – France
Kelvin KL Chong – Hong Kong
Jeffrey Hurwitz – Canada
Reynaldo Javate – Philippines
Nobutada Katori – Japan
Andrea L Kossler – USA
Ulrich Lachman – Switzerland
Professor Paulsen – Germany
Sergei Shkolnick – Russia
David Sullivan – USA
Tim Sullivan – Brisbane
Toru Suzuki – Japan
Hunter Yuen – Hong Kong
Akihide Watanabe – Japan

United Kingdom Invited Speakers

Sajjad Ahmad Harminder Singh Dua Christopher Liu
Raman Malhotra Jane Olver Sarah Osborne
Christine Purslow Saul Rajak Saaeha Rauz
Geoffrey Rose Hesham Saleh And Many Others…

From Jane Olver, London ISD-DE 2020 Congress Organiser and President Elect, 13/02/2020

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