A Brief History

The International Society of Dacryology was founded in 1982 by Professor Juan Murube del Castillo, M.D. PhD, from Spain and Professor Barta from Hungary, Professor Holly from USA and Professor Van Setten from Sweden. It was initially just known as the International Society of Dacryology (ISD). From its inception, it was a truly international society.

In 2005 the original name of the Society was changed to ISD&DE during the triennial meeting in Madrid and the triennial meetings continued, in order to represent better contributors from the world of wet and dry eyes.

In 2019 the Society became the ISD-DE in order to have a permanent website and new logos, dividing the Society into the Society proper with Membership fees and the Biennial Congress organisation with Registration fees. The Constitution is being revised in order to incorporate these changes and enable ISD-DE to participate in other International Society Events by holding Society sponsored Symposia.

It is planned to hold the ISD-DE Meeting biennially due to the growth of interest in dry eyes and the ocular surface as well as increasing advances in clinical dacryology.

We invite you to become members of the ISD-DE.

Nikos Trakos, President and Jane Olver, Vice President, President Elect and Secretary and all the Councillors.