Website Help

Membership types

Free registered account

Users can get a free acccount on the website here

Once you complete the form you are a “registered user” and will be able to use any of the forms on the website and purchase items such as meeting tickets.

If you purchase a ticket without having an account, the website will create an account for you at during the purchasing action.

Paying subscription account

There are currently 2 subscription levels for members. “Full medical” and “Trainee medical“.

The membership levels give users access to extra features withing the Society and website.

eg. Discounted ticket rates, access to AGM, website features such as discussion boards (as they become available)

Membership levels can be applied for using the application form here
(you’ll need to be logged in)

more details can be found here

Activating membership

Once you have been accepted as a Full or Trainee member, you will need to pay your subscription. You can do this here
User Dashboard >> Membership & subscription fees

User Profile

Users can edit their profile information. Account password can be changed here.

Payment History

All invoices/receipts for payments made via the website are stored here.


If you have any questions about the website you can post questions here or email

Find Members (in development)

Website visitors can search the website for IDE-DE members who wish to have their details publicly displayed to the public. This is optional. Members can add as much or as little info as they wish, including a photo. You can also add an email address that can be viewable to other members only, or publicly viewable, or not viewable at all.