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1st Congress ISD

The Inaugural Meeting of the then ISD was held in Lubbock, Texas USA, organized by Dr. Frank Holly with Founding President, Prof Juan Murube.


The Second Meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary with Dr Andras Berta the Congress Organizer and President.


The Third Meeting was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands with Dr Nikolaas Van Haeringen as the Congress Organizer and President.


Prof Juan Murube who has been a leading protagonist in ISD, became the President for a second time and the 4th ISD meeting held in Madrid, Spain.


The International Congress of Ophthalmology was held in Toronto in June,1994, with a two-day Oculoplastics satellite symposium held at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, chaired and organized by Dr. Jeff Hurwitz. This symposium was comprised of sessions by the International Society of Orbital Disorders, the Canadian Society of Oculoplastic Surgeons, and the International Society of Dacryology(as it was then called). Drs. Miglior and Spinelli from Italy, helped Dr. Hurwitz with the Dacryology component of the meeting, which included both Dry Eye and Lacrimal Excretory lectures, and panel discussions, as well as a dinner at the top of the CN tower.


Dr Gysbert Van Setten was the President and Congress Organizer for the 5th Meeting of the ISD hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Sixth Congress was in Jerusalem, Israel with Dr Shabtay Dikstein the Congress Organizer and President.


John Tiffany became the President for the 7th Congress of the ISD which was held in New Orleans, USA.


Prof Juan Murube became the President for the third time and the 8th Congress was held again in Madrid, Spain.

2005 was a pivotal year in the history of the society, with formal linking of the wet and dry eye sides of the society in order to represent the two most important inputs of the society, oculoplastic and lacrimal specialists with the ocular surface and corneal specialists.

The society’s name then became the “International Society of Dacryology and Dry Eye”.

This was known as the ISD&DE


The 9th Congress of the ISD&DE was held in Istanbul, Turkey and Dr Suat Hayri Ugurbas was the Congress Organizer and President.


Prof Reynaldo Javate was the Congress Organizer and President at the 10th meeting in Manila, Philippines.


The 11th Congress was held in Naples, Italy 2014 with Dr Lelio Baldeschi as the Congress Organizer and President.


The 12th Congress was held in Athens, Greece and Dr Nikos Trakos was the Congress Organizer and President.