ISD-DE 2024 Prize winners

ePoster Winner 2024

Shin Takahashi, Japan Flap Suturing Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy Assisted by Image-Guided Electromagnetic Navigation System

Rapid Fire Winner 2024

Nandini Bothra, India Utility of Computed Tomography and Dacryocystography in the Management of Traumatic Secondary Acquired Nasolacrimal Obstruction

Free Paper Winner 2024

Nozomi Matsumura, Japan Endoscopic Lacrimal Duct Recanalization for Paediatric Secondary Acquired Lacrimal Duct  

In Memoriam: Professor Juan Murube del Castillo (1934-2024)

Today we woke up with the sad news of the passing of Professor D. Juan Murube del Castillo. With heavy hearts and profound sadness, we mourn the loss of an extraordinary individual, a remarkable scholar, mentor, and esteemed figure in the medical community, his passing leaves an indelible void in...

New TFOS Report Subcommittee Conclusions on Lifestyle and Dry Eyes

TFOS Lifestyle Report Executive Summary: A Lifestyle Epidemic - Ocular Surface Disease

Abstract The Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) Workshop entitled ‘A Lifestyle Epidemic: Ocular Surface Disease’ was a global initiative undertaken to establish the direct and indirect impacts of everyday lifestyle choices and challenges on ocular surface health. This...

ISD-DE 2023 – July Newsletter

Dear ISD-DE worldwide, I hope you are all enjoying Summer. Here in London, we have passed the Summer Equinox and now are actively planning the direction for ISD-DE for the remainder of 2023 and for 2024. We will celebrate 2024 as “The Year of the Tear”. As President-Elect of the ISD-DE I am...

Progress in Retinal and Eye Research

Dear Friends, I believe today is an important day for lacrimal sciences with publication of a focused paper only on 'PANDO etiopathogenesis' in the journal 'Progress in Retinal and Eye Research' (PRER). As you all may be aware PRER is the highest impact journal in Ophthalmology (IF 19.7) and has...