Aims of the Society

The International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye aims to bring together general and specialist ophthalmic surgeons, otolaryngologists (ENT) and optometrists worldwide who share a common interest in patients with wet and dry eyes.

The aims of the Society are:

  • To advance the clinical knowledge and practice, research and education in the aetiology and treatment, and advances in the field of wet and dry eyes (dacryology).
  • To provide a website as a forum for education, information and events for members to meet, discuss and share their specialist knowledge, expertise and experience in dacryology and dry eyes.
  • A commitment for organising a biennial Congress, with the location and congress organiser elected by the Committee and members.
  • Provide Membership open to Ophthalmologists, Oculoplastic and lacrimal Surgeons, Otolaryngologists, Optometrists and other Allied Medical Professions involved in the care of and / or research into patients with watering and / or  dry eyes.
  • To provide information and advice to the public in order that they may have a better understanding of wet and dry eyes and be able to access a specialist in their country or continent.

ISD-DE aims to evolve and develop into an influential organisation with a worldwide role in education, training, research and promotion of dacryology, ocular surface and dry eye within ophthalmology and allied medical sub-specialities.

The ISD-DE website is accessible by the general public for general dacryology information and to assist them find a specialist in their own country or further afield, who can help them with information about watering and dry eyes and the treatment thereof.

The ISD-DE also provides specialist information to Members, via its Forums and educational events.

The Original Aims Of ISD

The International Society of Dacryology was founded as a scientific society for the research and diffusion of the knowledge in the lacrimal domain and its main topics basic research on tears and ocular surface, medical application, and lacrimal surgery.

It also accepted contributions in psychology, phylogeny, ontogeny, zoology, arts, history and any topics related with tears. The Society also included a division for the membership of patients with dry eye or any other dacryological diseases.

The membership included courses that may eventually contribute with the individuals experience and collaboration to the Society.

During the 2002 Congress in New Orleans, the International Society of Dacryology (ISD) decided to suppress the annual fee of the members and to limit the income of the Society to the registration fees to the congresses.

Further changes included renaming of the Society in 2005 to be the International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye

Current Aims of ISD-DE

Membership fees are being reintroduced from 2019 with the Full Committee agreement, in order to cover society costs and run a permanent website for the ISD-DE and its members and providing access to the public. This website will help direct the triennial meetings, called the Congress event, where ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and optometrists from all over the world will gather in order to update on the latest advances in wet and dry eyes, the clinical and scientific aspects of tears and lacrimal diseases.

The Future of ISD-DE

Each year and President advances the society and 2019 – 2020 are again pivotal years in our history, with the establishment of a permanent website for the society with rebranding of the society logo, updating of the society bylaws and reintroduction of Membership fees. The Society Aims include changing the frequency of the congress meetings to biennial and accepts bids for the forthcoming 2022 from interested parties.