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Clinica London

Clinica London
Clinica London Academy

Platinum Sponsors of the XIVth Congress of the International Society Dacryology and Dry Eye, London 2024

Clinica London, with the Clinica London Academy, supports, promotes and facilitates dissemination of innovation and critical medical developments in the field of watery and dry eyes.

We are proud of ISD-DE and its commitment to technical advancement, inspiration and communication of knowledge, and the cultural exchange it offers. We look forward to the wide range of interactions which will happen here at this XIVth Congress ISD-DE.

Clinica London is an Ophthalmology and Dermatology Clinic Eyes, Aesthetic and Skin in London´s Harley Street Medical Area. Our Consultants in Ophthalmology and Dermatology have a heightened awareness of the enormous burden of dry eye disease and lacrimal outflow stenosis, affecting children and adults. Ocular comfort, clarity of vision and non- watery eyes is the “Holy Grail” we seek for our patients.

Clinica London Academy is proud to lead the way and inspire though its educational events and in supporting ISD-DE. We believe strongly in collaboration: to educate and in technology exchange between ophthalmic colleagues, optometrists, allied health care professionals and patients.

ISD-DE is unique in its broad base we look to each of you to bring your expertise, passion, and dedication to this meeting.

We are Dacryology! Let´s celebrate the XIVth Congress ISD-DE and 2024 The Year of the Tear together!

Website: | Contact number: +44 20 7935 7990


FCI is a world leader in the development of a wide range of ophthalmic devices.

Over the past four decades, FCI has been dedicated to providing physicians with innovative,
high-performance and mostly exclusive products covering the fields of expertise of Oculoplasty, Dry Eye, Retina and Cataract.

Our core business and activities involve extensive research & development and advanced manufacturing processes to enhance the effectiveness and performance of the procedures performed by our customers.

FCI is a global, multi-site company with its headquarter in Paris, France, a branch FCI Ophthalmics in Boston, MA (USA) managing our North American operations, and a strong distribution network that serves more than 80 countries.

Your Patients, Our Expertise.



MACHIDA Endoscope Co., Ltd. was found as a manufacturer of medical endoscopes in 1956, which is one of few companies that can provide flexible fiber-optic endoscopes in the world at that time. Over the past five decades, MACHIDA has developed a well-earned reputation for a number of accomplished technological achievements, and become one of the leading companies worldwide in the endoscopy industry. MACHIDA has also emphasized its expansion into advanced industrial fields, such as industrial endoscopes, optical sensors and laser related equipment, and will continue to contribute its expertise to the development of both medical and industrial devices.



At Santen, we have been dedicated to ophthalmology since 1899. We will always aspire to lead the ophthalmology field – we will not be distracted by other therapy areas or trends.

Physicians can trust that we have the utmost dedication to the highest standards of quality, safety and compliance. Santen is committed to improving the eye health of patients, using our global breadth of scientific innovation.

Santen is a leader and trusted partner in glaucoma treatment, having a full spectrum of products for patients of all stages, and has a growing portfolio particularly in dry eye disease (DED), retinal conditions and allergy.

We expand our reach and expertise through investing in meaningful partnerships with healthcare professionals, academia, institutions and innovator companies.


Thea Pharmaceuticals

Thea Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals Lim­it­ed is an inno­v­a­tive com­pa­ny sole­ly ded­i­cat­ed to devel­op­ing high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts that sup­port oph­thalmic care and eye health across the UK and Ireland.

Our exten­sive range includes both pre­scrip­tion and non-pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts that are free from preser­v­a­tives. We have pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts for Glau­co­ma, Inflam­ma­tion, Infec­tion and Aller­gy, as well as a range of cut­ting edge Sur­gi­cal Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals.

We also have non-pre­scrip­tion prod­ucts to help alle­vi­ate Dry Eye, Ble­phar­i­tisand Mei­bo­mi­an Gland Dys­func­tion, along with a range of Eye Nutri­tion­alsto gen­er­al­ly sup­port eye health and help to main­tain vision.


Sponsors and Exhibitors

Interested Sponsors and Exhibitors are welcome to participate in this Educational Event organised by the International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye. Companies interested in watering and dry eyes, cornea, lacrimal, oculoplastic, medical and surgical treatment are warmly invited.

Please note that the meeting programme is directed at:

  • Trainee and Consultant Ophthalmologists in Cornea, Ocular surface and Contact lenses, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal sub-specialities
  • Optometrists, Contact Lens Opticians, and Ocularists.

If you’re looking for the ideal opportunity to get your brand, products and services in front of an informed and enthusiastic audience of decision-makers, both community based optometry and hospital clinic based, then look no further than The Year of the Tear event 2024!

The Year of the Tear event is organised by ISD-DE. It is the highlight of the annual events calendar. The International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eye (ISD-DE) was founded in 1982 in the field of watery and dry eyes. This event is the unique opportunity to connect with some of the most proactive, engaged and influential eye care providers, from primary to tertiary eye care.

The delegates take an active interest in the latest developments, products and services that will help them to deliver the very best in eye care, and are keen to meet with leading experts and organisations in their field.

Read on to find out how your business can enjoy significant and sustainable benefit from becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at The Year of the Tear 2024.

A CLEAR PRICING STRUCTURE for sponsors and exhibitors

HUGE BENEFITS from sponsoring the Conference

The products and services our delegates consistently tell us they are interested in are:

  • Dry eye
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Dacryology
  • Vision
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy
  • MGD Dysfunctional
  • Ocular Surface Disease
  • Ocular Surface Inflammation
  • Research updates
  • Ocular surgery
  • Watery eyes
  • Finance

Please see the full Sponsors Brochure. Download here


To find the range of prices please apply directly to Jane Olver, London Meeting Organiser, President-Elect and Secretary of the ISD-DE, at requesting a quote for your areas of interest.


The venue accommodates up to 540 delegates and, being an international meeting, will play host to attendees from both the UK and the international community of medical and allied healthcare professionals.


If you’d like to enquire about sponsorship opportunities, please email or use the form on the contact page.