ISD-DE 2023 – July Newsletter

ISD-DE 2023 – July Newsletter

Dear ISD-DE worldwide,

I hope you are all enjoying Summer. Here in London, we have passed the Summer Equinox and now are actively planning the direction for ISD-DE for the remainder of 2023 and for 2024.

We will celebrate 2024 as “The Year of the Tear”.

As President of the ISD-DE I am looking forwards to working with the Executive Committee and Councillors, to create an effective formal Society with a sound Membership and positive future direction.

The London 2024 Meeting Committee are already organising and planning the future meeting, dates for your diaries 29th – 31st May 2024. Since this is an International Society, we will hold a memorable Big Meeting. The Meeting is for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists.

Our aims for ISD-DE:

  • Update the Constitution (existing was written approximately 50 years ago and has remained unchanged).
  • Re-design the ISD-DE logo based on the original “World and Tear Drop” logo.
  • Form a charitable society model e.g., Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).
  • Increase Membership to support activities.
  • Develop an active website with membership participation.
  • Communicate updates and interesting information by regular Newsletters.
  • Organise and hold the 2024 Meeting in London 29-31 May 2024.
  • Continue Biennial or Triennial Society Meetings, rotating between continents. Frequency to be decided.

ISD-DE has already a sound foundation with enthusiastic colleague support, precedent from previous officers and meetings, a website and webmaster, accounting and legal back up, a designer for the new logo, an event organiser and assisting project manager for the 2024 London Meeting.

For the 2024 London Meeting we will be inviting Abstracts, Registrations, and Trade Exhibitors shortly. There will have ample space for lectures, free presentations, debates, posters, and exhibitors. The registration area and catering areas will have beautiful views over London. It will be in a safe central London area, easily accessible from the main London Travel Hubs. More information in the next Newsletter!

Please circulate this newsletter to your colleagues who you think may be interested in ISD-DE, especially the 14th ISD-DE Meeting in London 2024.


Ms Jane Olver FRCS, FRCOphth, President ISD-DE

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