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EssilorLuxottica is looking forward to welcoming ECPs to its stand at the ISD-DE 2024 Congress on May 29th – 31st 2024 where it will be showcasing its portfolio of dry eye equipment.

During the event, delegates will discover key pieces of equipment available from EssilorLuxottica which when used together in practice, offer a complete solution for diagnosing dry eye and managing the condition.

Paul Cumber, instruments director at EssilorLuxottica, said: “Dry eye is most certainly a growing area of opportunity for opticians and setting up a dry eye clinic will help differentiate practices as well as helping patients to manage the condition.
“The return on investment is very quick and we support practices in pricing the service, and providing training for the team, as well as marketing support to promote and drive awareness.”


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IDRA by SBM Sistemi allows ECPs to accurately capture tear film instability data, and then provide clearly presented metrics that are simple for the patient to understand. It also has an accompanying smart phone app, which is an excellent way for patients to monitor their dry eye symptoms at home. It performs a full assessment of the ocular surface via a series of quick tear film tests, including the quality of tears and analysis of the meibomian glands, to classify the type of dry eye disease. Paul Cumber said: “The IDRA imaging system is a compact and cost-effective piece of kit which provides strong evidence to support your choice of treatment, while helping the patient understand why that therapy is being recommended.” The TearStim IRPL device from ESW Vision emits energy in the form of painless light pulses and heat and is applied to the skin below the eye. The aim is to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system supplying the meibomian glands, increase the secretion from the glands and contribute to restoring their normal activity. In addition, the quality of the secretion is improved, and the lipid layer of the tear film is stabilised. Paul Cumber continues: “The effectiveness of IRPL treatments such as TearStim can be enhanced further by using the Activa Home Eye Mask which uses heat and massage to increase meibomian gland output, so eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free for longer.” The Activa Home Eye Mask by SBM Sistemi uses heated automatic massage technology and patients can rent the device from the practice to use at home or more frequently it is offered as an in-practice treatment. The fully automated procedure heats and massages the eye lids generating heat of approximately 42 degrees for 15 minutes while applying a micro-vibration-based massage to aid meibomian gland expression. Visit: