Jayshree Vasani

Jayshree Vasani


Jayshree Vasani is a dedicated professional with a passion for improving eyecare accessibility and support, particularly for individuals with visual impairments and those from diverse backgrounds.

As a GOC Registered Dispensing Optician and RNIB Eye Care Liaison Officer (ECLO), she plays a pivotal role in providing personalized care and support to patients at the Whittington Hospital in North London, UK.

Jayshree co-founded the BAMEVISION GROUP, where she works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of eyecare for all, including marginalized communities such as the BAME diaspora, individuals with learning disabilities, and those with sensory impairments.

Her commitment extends beyond her clinical roles; Jayshree actively contributes to initiatives like the Eye Care Support Pathway group, ensuring that underrepresented voices are heard in groundbreaking projects.

Through CPD accredited presentations, both in-person and online, she aims raise awareness to professionals across the UK on topics such as visual impairment and early intervention in eyecare journeys.Notably, Jayshree was the principal Optician in the award-winning “CPD SEEING BEYOND THE EYES CPD ROADSHOW,” reaching over five thousand eyecare professionals over eighteen months.

Furthermore, her collaborations with organizations like the Nystagmus Network charity and presentations at conferences like the UK National Diabetic Eye Screening Conference demonstrate her commitment to advancing eyecare practices and advocating for holistic patient care.

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