Chris Schulz

Chris Schulz


Chris Schulz is a Consultant in oculoplastics, lacrimal and orbital surgery at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust. Prior to this substantive post, he completed his medical degree at the University of Southampton, and gained subspecialty experience at centres across the South Coast including Brighton, Portsmouth, Southampton, East Grinstead, Salisbury and Bournemouth.

Chris jointly leads the endoscopic lacrimal service in Portsmouth. Through his active research, he has introduced new techniques and surgical instrumentation for use in endoscopic lacrimal surgery. Amongst his other published research, he has most notably contributed to advances in the assessment of both the clinical severity of, and quality of life in patients with epiphora.

Outside of his clinical role, Chris is a lead for digital transformation. He has a passion for data science, computer vision and artificial intelligence, having undertaken a postgraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, and continues to develop leading techniques for oculofacial assessment using mobile technology

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