Catherine Rennie

Catherine Rennie


Catherine is a UK-trained Rhinologist and anterior skull base surgeon, currently practicing at Charing Cross Hospital in London. She earned her medical degree from Imperial College School of Medicine and underwent rigorous ENT specialist training in London. Notably, Catherine was honored with a prestigious Royal College of Surgeons fellowship in advanced Rhinology, reflecting her dedication and expertise in the field.

With a passion for research and innovation, Catherine completed a PhD on Sinonasal airflow and transport at Imperial College London, where she fostered interdisciplinary collaboration between the departments of Otolaryngology, Aeronautics, and Nuclear Medicine. As an honorary research fellow and lecturer in the Aeronautics department, she remains actively engaged in cutting-edge research initiatives.

In recognition of her contributions, Catherine was recognized as one of the top 50 women in engineering in 2021 for her collaborative efforts in developing aerosol containment strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her commitment to advancing surgical techniques extends to her ongoing work on aerosol containment devices for surgical procedures.

Within the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Catherine serves as the lead for the skull base multidisciplinary team (MDT), overseeing complex cases. She demonstrates a particular interest in joint ENT/Ophthalmology cases, collaborating closely with Miss Vickie Lee, a consultant ophthalmologist, to manage intricate lacrimal patients and individuals with thyroid eye disease.

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