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The effect of upper eyelid surgery, ptosis vs. blepharoplasty, on dry eye syndrome

Guy Ben Simon


To examine the effect of combined blepharoplasty and Müller muscle-conjunctival resection (MMCR) compared to an upper blepharoplasty on dry eye syndrome


This is prospective, comparative case series. Two groups of patients participated in this study: the blepharoplasty group included adult patients with dermatochalasis and the ptosis group consisted of adult patients with dermatochalasis and ptosis that showed significant improvement after phenylephrine 10% instillation. The following parameters were compared for all patients before the procedure (baseline) and on postoperative day 90: MRD1, Ocular-Surface-Disease-Index (OSDI), Schirmer test 2, tear break-up time (TBUT), fluorescein staining, Lissamine-green staining (LG)


Fifty-four patients participated in this study (blepharoplasty group: 23 patients, ptosis group 31 patients). There were significant increases in the postoperative LG scores and in fluorescein staining post ptosis surgery compared with the preoperative values (paired t test, P = .05 and P = .02, respectively). The postoperative OSDI score was significantly higher post ptosis surgery compared with the preoperative score (25.38 vs 17.24, respectively, paired t test, P < .01). There were no significant differences, in the blepharoplasty group, between the postoperative and preoperative objective and subjective dry eye tests


MMCR surgery causes an increase in the subjective feeling of dry eye as well as an increase of signs of dry eye. This increase was not noticed after blepharoplasty surgery. Physicians should be aware of the risk of dry eye after ptosis surgery and discuss dry eye as a complication of MMCR surgery with their patients before surgery. Those patients should be examined carefully and treated for dry eye during follow-up

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Adham Matani – Sheba Medical Center

Daphna Landau Prat – Sheba Medical Center

Ari Leshno – Sheba Medical Center

Ofira Zloto – Sheba Medical Center